Dr. Debra Bourne

About Dr. Bourne

Debra A Bourne, MD is a board certified hand surgeon. She earned her medical degree from Yale School of Medicine.  She completed her residency at the prestigious University of Pittsburgh Medical Center which is consistently ranked among the top training programs in the country.  She then completed additional fellowship training in hand surgery. 

Personal Statement

My father was a talented and dedicated veterinary surgeon. I share his love of anatomy and using my hands to restore form and function. I chose to become a plastic surgeon because it truly blends art and science. I then went on to complete additional fellowship training in hand surgery because I am captivated by the complex interactions of bones, tendons and soft tissues within the hand and upper extremity.

Practice Philosophy

As a hand surgeon, I rely on my hands to make a living and support my family.  I understand how important it is to all the patients I care for to get their hands working well so they can get back to work, family, sports, music, art, and the other things in life that are important and meaningful. 

Education & Training

Dr. Bourne completed both her plastic surgery residency and hand surgery fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center which is consistently ranked one of the top medical training programs in the country.

Dr. Bourne completed her Doctor of Medicine at Yale University.  She additionally completed a thesis studying the role of oxidative stress in the development of skin cancer.

Dr. Bourne earned her Bachelor of Science from the College of Human Ecology at Cornell University.


Diplomate Of The American Board Of Plastic Surgeons
Sub Specialization In Hand Surgery


Best Free Paper Presentation American Council of Academic Plastic Surgeons Winter Meeting 2021

Best Scientific Presentation of State and Regional Societies at American Society of Plastic Surgeons The Meeting 2021

Frank J Krobath Award at Rita M Patel GME Leadership Conference 2020

Best Presentation Award in Practice Management Session at American Society of Plastic Surgeons The Meeting 2019

Best Surgical Education Presentation University of Pittsburgh Department of Plastic Surgery Resident Research Day 2019

Best Clinical Paper Plastic Surgery Research Council Annual Meeting 2019

Second Place Clinical Presentation Ohio Valley Society of Plastic Surgeons Meeting 2019

Best Overall Poster Ohio Valley Society of Plastic Surgeons Meeting 2017

Best Clinical Research Presentation University of Pittsburgh Department of Plastic Surgery Resident Research Day 2017

Best Overall Presentation Robert H. Ivy Society of Plastic Surgeons Meeting 2017

Best Clinical Research Presentation University of Pittsburgh Department of Plastic Surgery Resident Research Day 2016

Best Overall Paper Ohio Valley Society of Plastic Surgeons Meeting 2016

Best Overall Paper Ohio Valley Society of Plastic Surgeons Meeting 2016

Best Basic Science Paper Ohio Valley Society of Plastic Surgeons Meeting 2016

Nationally Recognized Leadership

1/2017 – 10/2020  |  Women Plastic Surgeons Steering Committee – American Society of Plastic Surgeons

11/2018 – 10/2021  |  Leadership Development Committee – American Society of Plastic Surgeons 

11/2018 – present  |  Reviewer for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal

10/2021 – present  |  Reviewer for HAND Journal

11/2021 – present  |  Young Plastic Surgeons Steering Committee – American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Research & Publications

Dr. Bourne Is Active In Medical Research. Her Specific Areas Of Interest Include:

Optimizing and exploring the role of fat grafting and adipose derived stem cells in reconstructive surgery:  As a plastic surgeon, my clinical and research endeavors strive to improve form and function. The immense regenerative properties of stem cells are starting to be widely appreciated. Adipose derived stem cells as well as structural fat can be safely and easily harvested in large quantities through liposuction. This can then be engrafted to treat areas of volume deficit or poor tissue quality throughout the body. Additionally, stromal vascular fraction (SVF) can be isolated from lipoaspirate through collagenase-based procedures. This represents a rich source of adipose derived stem cells and other progenitor cells that may be added to fat prior to engraftment to potentially enhance its regenerative properties and volume retention. Patients suffering from painful lower extremity amputations sites benefit from fat grafting to areas of poor soft tissue coverage and enrichment with SVF results in earlier pain relief. I have participated in several clinical trials assessing the efficacy of autologous fat transfer with and without SVF enrichment for the treatment of craniofacial volume defects and painful lower extremity amputation stumps. Our results demonstrate that fat grafting is safe and effective in improving craniofacial volume defects and the addition of SVF does not impact volume retention in this patient population. I plan to continue to study the applications of adipose derived stem cells throughout the body. 

Exploring career and family outcomes for women physiciansWomen now compose half of the medical students, however, the number of women entering surgical professions has lagged behind and an even greater discrepancy is seen in leadership positions. Our data demonstrate that women are underrepresented in Academic Plastic Surgery Leadership positions and that women are significantly more likely than men to report inequality in professional opportunities due to gender. Furthermore, fifty-six percent of women who become pregnant during plastic surgery residency reported suffering from an obstetrical complication and more than half were dissatisfied with their maternity leave. I am working to increase recognition of these issues and work towards greater equality and wellness of women and other underrepresented minorities in medicine.

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